Duy Tan University

ĐHInternational Relations (HP)

Duy Tan University
Vietnam, TP Đà Nẵng
Study location Vietnam, TP Đà Nẵng
Degree Bachelor
Duration 4.5 year
Tuition fee 23.040.000 vnđ
Study language Anh-Việt
Course code 7310206 - International Relations (HP)


The honors program at Duy Tan University, Da Nang, Vietnam aims to nurture the qualified students to become talents for the home country. The honors programs for the undergraduate is designed for highly motivated and passionate students.  Enrolling in the honors program offers challenging and rewarding intellectual experiences, good command of English communication skills as well as the opportunity to strive for excellence in an environment that enhances their creative and critical skills, visions and strategies.  Our aim is educating the best and brightest students at university level to be highly competitive with international standards and confidently enter the global workforce.


  • Study in international standard academic environment in modern facilities at Duy Tan University;
  • Approach to advanced and specialized courses;
  • Access to the online learning platform in multinational classroom conducted by outstanding professors with national and international reputations;
  • Enhance English communication skills and develop student skills for academic and professional success;
  • Engage in research and internship experiences to help students acquire set of skills needed for successful careers.

    International Relations​


    The International Relations program in the Honors Program is a new and increasingly popular major. It looks at the global community, world societies and the interaction between them, using an interdisciplinary approach, including the study of history, politics, economics, international languages, geography, international law, global security, global justice, human rights, entrepreneurship, economic development and more.

    Working skills

    While establishing an in-depth understanding of world affairs, economics, culture, history, and language, students will at the same time develop several valuable soft skills, qualifying them to work in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. 

    Career prospects:

    As Vietnam continues global integration after joining the ASEAN Economic Community in late 2015 and the TPP in 2018, International Relations lays the foundation and provides excellent qualifications for potential positions in the government, in international or non-governmental relations, or in companies with interests in international trade.

    Graduates will work as:

    - Teachers of international affairs at universities and institutes 

    - Diplomats

    - Foreign Affairs Specialists

    - Non-Profit Program Coordinators

    - United Nations Workers

  • Contact us:

    Honors Programs Office at Duy Tan University

    Room 504, 254 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Da Nang City, Vietnam

    Email: buiducanh@duytan.edu.vn

    Website: duytan.edu.vn

    Hotline: (+84) 901 003 000


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Apply now! Vietnam Academic year 2023 /2024

The program has not initiated enrollment

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Apply now! Vietnam Academic year 2023 /2024

The program has not initiated enrollment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: ...